Many people would have heard about the BBC’s Big Read Top 100 Best Loved Novels, and many people would have been inspired to take on the challenge to read all 100 books on the list.  We’re well aware that in embarking on the challenge we’re not unique – but so what? We still want to do it!

The BBC believes that the average person has only read 6 books from the list.  That makes me terribly average because I’ve only read 7. The embarrasing thing about that is I’m classified as a reader … or at least, I used to be until I got too busy carving out a career and making a family.

My sister fares much better than I, having read 16 books from the list.

We’ve decided to attempt to read all the 100 books between us, after which we will decide whether to pursue the challenge further and read all 100 individually. 

We are not restricting this site however to only talking about books from the BBC’s Big Read so we will be including our thoughts, progresses and reviews on other books we read – or have read – along the way.