Andrea Henderson is trying to pick up the pieces of the worst year of her life. She returns to her parents summer house as a newly divorced, now single mum with her teenage son Dustin. Her new job is out of her depth, her son is acting out and her parents are always interfering.
Mart McClendon, the new Game Warden comes to Moses Lake to escape the past that he can’t forgive himself for. He buries himself in his work, all the while trying to move on, but never really letting himself.
When Andrea, the new social worker for Moses Lake, teams up with Mart to discover why a little girl is seen with the local town recluse, they don’t know how much more they will discover about each other, themselves and their faith.
This book started off slow. It wasn’t until the fourth or fifth chapter that I was able to get into it. Mainly because Wingate needed to set up character and place. However once that was done, the book zipped along at a nice pace, holding my attention. I smiled and laughed at Andrea and Mart’s budding relationship, wrestled along with her as she struggled to raise Dustin the right way and walked in triumph with her as she claimed her identity in Christ once again.
For those who love a sweet, gentle romance, a mystery and quirky characters this is a book for you.