The second installment of the “Left Behind” series picks up on the progress of pilot Captain Rayford Steele, his daughter Chloe and internationally renowned news reporter Buck Williams.  All three converted to Christianity in the first book (“Left Behind”) and are now facing the worlds last days under the rule of the emerging anti-Christ.
Tribulation Force tracks the rise of Nicolae Carpathia to a world leadership position in which he controls a new United Nations, changing it’s name to Global Community, and merging the worlds currencies and religions into one.  Rayford and Buck both find themselves working closer to Nicolae than they would like, but are able to see his lies and resist his deceit thanks to being under the protection of God’s salvation.
I’ve enjoyed this book more than the first, as I found it intriguing and compelling pretty much from the start.  The romance that budded in “Left Behind” has taken bloom, and I thoroughly enjoyed the antics and comedy of errors playout that occured in it’s development.  I certainly had a good chuckle at Rayford’s amusement and participation of his daughter’s love life.
This second book has picked up momentum from the first one, and by the end of it I really felt the series taking off.  The stage is now set and the serious action is beginning.  I feel like I am sitting there on the edge of the world, awaiting it’s demise.  I am keenly struck with the awe and fear that the characters are feeling as they watch the apocalyptic prophesies unfold.  I’ve found myself at times covered in goosebumps.  Their desperation to make the most of the finite time they have left is evident.
Once again, I was barely able to put the last half of the book down, reading it throughout the noise and chaos of my daughter’s TV time, unable to wait for some quieter moment in the evening (which, don’t always happen!) to finish it.  I found myself reading with eagerness, hungry for the revelations I knew would ultimately be revealed.

Tribulation Force is exciting, scary and touching.  So far so good with the series, I think I will pick up the next book!

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