I’ve been waiting for the latest Denise Hunter book for a while now. Being in Australia meant I had to wait a bit longer. I got the email saying the book had come in, so I marched myself down to Koorong (local Christian book shop) that afternoon and snapped it up. By midnight I was done.

Abigail Jones is a workaholic who suffers from hypertension. She is ordered by her boss and doctor, who happen to be her mother and sister to take a three month break from work. This three month break is to take place in Moose Creek, Montana with Abigail spending time with her eccentric great aunt. Imagining she will be bored out of her mind, she doesn’t count on Wade Ryan and his daughter.

When Wade Ryan’s nanny quits before the start of the summer, he’s in a fix. The cowboy with a hidden past has to find someone to care for his daughter. It’s good then that Abigail is free to help and that her great aunt lives on Wade’s ranch.

As the summer progresses, Abigail and and Wade fight their growing attraction to one another, despite the secrets that keep them from getting closer.

This book draws you in through the strong characters. I instantly loved Abigail and was rooting for her to get things right with Wade. Hunter knows how to write strong, identifiable characters with flaws and all. It was so much fun being pulled into the world of Abigail and Wade and watching them fall in love, only to lose it, then find it again.

My only quibble is that I would have enjoyed a little more description of the landscape and scenery of Montana. This might just be me though, as I love to read and write about the beautiful places, espeically country and/or rural worlds.

Finally, this is simply a well written, engaging love story that melts your heart.