Ok, so no luck on the Jane Eyre book yet! Actually, I think it’s in storage with most of my other books at the moment. 

I picked up Wendy Harmer’s new book, “Friends Like These”.  I’ve never read any of her books before, but I used to enjoy listening to her on breakfast radio a few years ago.  Always found her witty and entertaining.  So I heard of this new book of hers, and when I read the synopsis I knew I would like to read it.  An insight to the lives of Sydney’s elite and their schools? Yes please! Particularly since this topic might actually be of interest to me as research for my own literary pursuits. (Did I mention I had any? No? It’s still a secret then. Maybe time will reveal more – maybe!)

Then this week my friend dropped off the second book in the “Left Behind” series – “Tribulation Force” (Tim Lahaye and Jerry B. Jenkins).  Since I so recently read the first book, I’ve leaped straight into this sequel and am presently barely able to put it down (between running around after the kids, of course).  So I’ll pick up Ms Harmer’s book again shortly I’m sure.  Then again, there are like 12 books in this Left Behind series, therefore how soon again I return to “Friend’s Like These” will depend how well the series keeps my interest.

There’s a third book I have lurking in the wings – and that is “The Five Love Languages of Children” by Gary Campbell & Ross Campbell.  I have read “The Five Love Languages” before, found it logical and helpful, so figured I would like to apply the same principles to my kids.  It will get read inbetween everything!