I have never read Kristin Billerbeck before. I discovered that she is in the chick-lit genre. I haven’t read this genre before, or if I have I haven’t known it. I was wonderfully surprised when I read this book.
Katie McKenna is in a stable, caring relationship with Dexter, a man she is about to get engaged to. When her ex-boyfriend, the handsome, millionaire Luc DeForges waltzes back into her life things start to become very unstable. He wants to take her back to their hometown of New Orleans to sing at his brother’s wedding. Katie wants to go, but fears she’ll be drawn back in by her and Luc’s chemistry and history.
This book is just chock full of memorable characters. There were times I wanted to slap Luc DeForges as much as Katie does, but I couldn’t help loving his smooth, cheeky ways. Katie’s got spunk and a temper to match her Irish heritage. Together they create enough chemistry to blow up a lab. It’s got great one-liners from secondary characters and great zingy tempo. It’s almost like the words danced off the pages, swinging away to the music of the 1930’s and 40’s that our main characters love so much.
A great read and a must for people who love funny, dynamic characters that just come alive before you. I will be reading more of this author.