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Apollyon” sees the tone of the Left Behind Series darkening as the wrath of God continues to pour out onto the world.  We say goodbye to more members of the Tribulation Force, and death and suffering are rife throughout the world.  It has come to the point now where no one can really deny the existence of God.  Each and every individual left on the earth has only thing to do: make the decision to accept and follow God, or not.
The series thus far has seen many people come to accept God and follow him, but I’m “happy” to report that not everyone is so ready to do so.  And in spite of the glaringly obvious fulfillment of prophesies happening around them, several characters continue to fight against God and are unwilling to surrender.  This maintains integrity in the series since that is what you expect in the nature of man.
The energy and bravado of the Tribulation Force is waning as they witness the continued loss and destruction of the world around them.  They know even darker times are ahead, and the time in which they will be openly persecuted against is rapidly drawing near.  It’s all about survival now, and their only motivation for enduring the last years of the Tribulation is to witness the Glorious Appearing when Jesus returns again.
There is a slightly science fiction feel to this 5th book of the Left Behind Series as more of the events are clearly supernatural.  I strongly empathise with the main characters in their loss and plight for survival. I’m still very much enjoying the series, have no thoughts of stopping at this point in time!

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