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This is book 3 of the Left Behind Series.  Right when alot of story lines are fading by the third book in a series, this is just taking off.  The book is non stop action from the beginning, and picks up right where Tribulation Force left off.

“Nicolae” begins at the outbreak of WWIII.  The peace loving Nicolae responds to rebellion attacks with full force, obliterating cities and managing to shift the blame at the same time.

Rayford and Buck live a dangerous life as they continue to work in Nicolae’s employment as well as work together with the Tribulation Force in order to spread of the truth of Christ.  Their positions within Nicolae’s administration give the Tribulation Force the eyes and ears they need to form an advantage in this battle between good and evil.  All the events in the world are happening in accordance with Biblical prophesy.  Buck is quick to equip themselves which technology and vehicles he thinks necessary to help them survive as they are able to expect the events of the months ahead.

There is excitement and suspense throughout “Nicolae”: from search and rescue, to smuggling and escape.  The ulterior motives of the “reluctant” world leader Nicolae are being discovered by the Tribulation Force, and to the reader.

The book concludes with the devastation of a phenomenal world wide earthquake, and leave us in doubt of the fates of a couple of the main characters.  There’s no hesitating in picking up the next book in order to read on!

I read this book in 48 hours.  That is a testimony to how fast paced and exciting the book was, because despite having to do my usual mothering duties with a toddler and baby, I kept picking up the book at every opportunity I could.  It has been years since I last read a book that fast.  It’s my favourite book so far out of the first 3 Left Behind novels.

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