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Australian author Meredith Resce has crafted a wonderful story set in small town Australia.

Dianne Pierceson, newly widowed and desperate for work arrives in the small town of Carlton as the new schoolteacher.

Her new employer, the stern and angry Richard Schrouder appears to be hiding something. The town gossip surrounding him does little to ease Dianne’s suspicions. However with no place to go, Dianne must find a way to uncover the dark secret that surrounds her handsome employer.
The Schoolmaster’s Bride is a touching, funny and enjoyable read. Meredith Resce has written lively characters and given her readers a mystery worth solving.
I found myself really loving the main character Dianne Pierceson. She makes for a wonderful heroine. She is strong, determined, compassionate, curious and likeable. I love the way she stands up to her boss, even when afraid or unsure, she holds her ground.
The evolution of Richard Schrouder from an angry, guilt ridden man to a man finally set free and at peace with himself is lovely to read. His silence speaks volumes as he learns to express his thoughts and deal with his tragic past.
The novel is well paced and introduces the reader to some lovely secondary characters. The story takes a few twists and turns along the way and this only brings more depth to the overall novel. Meredith Resce has created a woman of strength, devotion and compassion and has given us a leading man, though tortured by his past actions, finds true healing and peace.
This is a great read by a great Aussie author.