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Wow. This Left Behind Series just gets more exciting.
“Soul Harvest” begins with the desperate search for loved ones after the devastating earthquake that rocked the whole world in the last pages of the previous book in the series, “Nicolae”.  Tragedy strikes the Tribulation Force with the loss of members, as well as headquarters.  They have to find a new and secret location in which to live and work out of.
This book is full of daring rescues and intrigues.  Whilst reading one particular rescue, I was having to suppress my chuckling as it was late in the night and I might have woken my children.  Mysteries and suspicions emerge as new information comes to light, and the safety and integrity of the Tribulation Force is jeopardy.
Captain Steele and Buck continue in the employment of the Global Community which is headed by Nicolae Carpathia – known by the Tribulation Force as the Antichrist.  Their positions are highly precarious now, and both expect to be found out and forced into the life of a fugitive at any moment.
It is thrilling to see acquaintances of the Tribulation Force come to know and accept the truth about God, and hence become allies in the end times war.

Excellent read.  I don’t believe that this is an accurate portrayal of how the end times will play out, and that’s not why I’m reading it.  I’m just really enjoying this series.

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