Jack Hunter - Secret of the KingJack Hunter: Secret of the King” is the debut novel of English author, Martin King. The book is an adventure book aimed at 8-13 year olds, available as an ebook.
Jack Hunter is a 12 year old boy whose family moves to a new town in the summer. Jack is not happy leaving his friends behind and is convinced of his unhappiness in this new place.
But before long, Jack is told of a secret treaure, and he quickly makes friends with the kids next door. Together they set about deciphering the clues in a quest to solve the mystery and find the ancient treasure.
Martin King has created a clever and elaborate treasure hunt, setting the group of kids on adventures that are reminisce of the Enid Blyton era, particularly since the book is very English with it’s phrasing and terminology.  However this adventure book incorporates the present day technologies you’d expect to see, and even a few small futuristic ones. It will certainly harness the reader’s sense of imagination, and the author attempts to further engage the reader by inviting them to collect the letters of each chapter header to reveal a clue.
The story involves mystery, intrigue, danger and shady characters, and will keep you guessing until the end.  It’s a good sized read, so kids will be engrossed for hours. Introduce your kids to this adventure and hopefully it will spark their own 🙂