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Perfectly Invisible by Kristin Billerbeck
Baker Revell Publishers, 01 July  2011

It’s Daisy Crispin’s final trimester of high school, and she plans to make it count. Her long-awaited freedom is mere months away, and her big plans for college loom in the future. Everything is under control. Or is it? Her boyfriend is treating her like she’s invisible, and her best friend is selling bad costume jewellery in the school quad–and hanging out with her boyfriend. To top it off, Daisy’s major humiliation for the year will be remembered in the yearbook for all eternity. It’s enough to make her wonder if maybe being invisible isn’t so bad after all.

Perfectly Invisible” is the follow up novel to “Perfectly Dateless” (which I reviewed earlier) and I enjoyed this second installment even better than the first. It was full of great, hilarious lines and I was up late in the night muffling my cackles into my pillow.  Daisy, in her last couple of months of high school, faces new challenges of humiliation and uncertainty – just like the average teenage girl – and she battles the gauntlet with poise.  She makes me wish I’d had the guts to speak up more than I did when I was in high school.

Kristin has produced an inventive novel, I’m in awe of her creativity in the shannanigans she weaves into the story.  I was kept guessing right up to the end.  I loved how Daisy got herself into messes without even trying, and I was ever wondering how she would get out of them.  There’s more conflict and excitement than in “Perfectly Dateless“: pure and simply, I enjoyed it immensely.  It was one of those books after finishing late at night, I woke the next morning still thinking about.  I was transported back to my high school days and reminded of how easy it was as a teenager to lose sense of reason because of some cute boy.  Thankfully, Daisy’s senses prevail – but not without some drama along the way!

I am very keen to read more from Kristin Billerbeck.

My favourite quotes from “Perfectly Invisible“:

He turns away from me, which some might say is his best view.  I wouldn’t say it.  I might think it, but I would never say it.  But dang!

At least my family drama is G-rated.  My mom won’t let me watch Desperate Housewives, so I’m sure she wouldn’t approve of me seeing it live.