Spring has sprung, finally releasing us from the bondage of winter.  Ok, I will admit, here in Australia our experience of winter is somewhat lacking.  For most of us, where we live – it doesn’t snow.  Like never.  I haven’t even seen snow. Ever!  Yet I hate winter with a passion.  I loathe being cold.  So if I ever experience a real winter, I may never recover.

Well, my gripe is not with winter – or at least, not today 🙂  With the weather warming – and very quickly turning into summer (since spring is also something we don’t really get) – my thoughts are turning to my summer related book memories.  One of my clearest and fondest memory of summer holidays as a kid has to do with reading.  Yes I relished playing in the sprinkler, and going to the local pool every day.  And of course I loved not having school for 6 weeks.  But lying on my bed reading books in the stinking heat is truly one of my most nostalgic summer memories.  

And I do mean stinking heat.  We grew up in a weatherboard house with a tin roof – in Australia, remember – with no air conditioning.  We had nothing but these portable water filled evaporative air coolers to try and inject a puff of cool air into the suffocating heat.  I had one of these such coolers in my room, a particularly old and noisy one, which I had pointed directly in my face as I read.  I can still hear the whirring of the cooler and the occasional clunk of the motor, feel the breeze on my face and even the sporadic spits of water that it liked to bestow (especially when I filled the reservoir up with ice :)).  I think the extra noise and sensation of air created my own personal vortex and made escaping into a book even more tangible – helping to separate me from the rest of the goings on in the house.

Quite often we equate our reading memories to snuggling in bed under the covers, or stretched out on a sandy beach.  Or maybe under a shady tree.  I enjoy reading in all these scenarios, which made me realise: reading is truly a season-less hobby (or obsession, as the case may be!).  It’s an activity that isn’t weather dependent.  It is just as enchanting to read on a wet and stormy afternoon as it is on a warm sunny morning.  Just as thrilling by the side of a luxurious hotel swimming pool as it is curled up on the couch in front of a fire.  You can fall in love, laugh until your sides ache and sob your heart out at any time, any place, whatever the season – all with a good book.

What are some of your favourite places or circumstances in which you like to read?