After the unexpected death of their father, the three Gallatin sisters—Gwen, Beth, and Lacy—must fashion a life for themselves in the Montana wilds, operating a roadhouse that sits at the crossroads of two stage lines. But the saloon owner in town has his sights on the roadhouse, and an unexpected visitor from the east adds to the chaos. Though each sister hides a secret sorrow, they determine to look to the future with faith and a dose of humour—all to embrace the love they long to claim as their own. 


I decided to not do each book in this trilogy but instead you give a general overview and opinion.
I have read numerous Tracie Peterson books and have enjoyed them all. This box set trilogy was going for $24.95 at my bookshop and I certainly wasn’t going to walk past that.
Anyway, each book focuses on one sister and the story of their time in Montana after the death of their father. Gwen, Beth and Lacey are tough frontier girls who are not easily pushed around. While I enjoyed the stories of Gwen and Beth, it was the youngest girl Lacey that hooked my attention. She’s a spunky, stubborn, independent spitfire.
A fun read filled with humour, adventure, romance and action.