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The Indwelling by Tim Lahaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

The members of the Tribulation Force face their most dangerous challenges. Following the assassination of the Antichrist, some are murder suspects; others test the precarious line between subversion and being revealed. All over the news, reporters announce that Rayford Steele is Nicolae Carpathia’s assassin, but Buck soon learns the truth. The world mourns the loss of a world leader until events at Nicolae’s funeral bring all mourning to an end.

This might be the slowest book of the series so far.  And mainly because the whole way through the book I knew how it was going to end – it’s no secret that Nicolae wasn’t going to stay dead.
I don’t have much else to say about this book, as I have to admit I finished it a couple of weeks ago, and have already since read the next book in the series.  I was a unnecessarily hung up on a little matter in the book – and that was regarding little Kenny Bruce, the son of Tribulation Force members Buck & .  You won’t notice if you’ve never been a mother, and if it’s been a while since you’d have a 14 month old around, you probably won’t remember.  But this age group is something I live and breath at home, and I’m sorry but they do not have such extensive vocabulary skills as Kenny Bruce! But maybe it’s just my kids? I don’t know – but like I said, a completely unnecessary hang up I had as I read the book.

Otherwise, a phenomenon that occurred a couple of times near the end of the book I found strangely fascinating.  Seeing the angels – namely archangels Michael and Gabriel – interacting in the heavens? That was really cool 🙂

I’m that invested in the series that a slower book in the middle of it isn’t going to deter me from continuing.

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