The link below is to my daily bread reading for yesterday, which I felt compelled to share with you all. I think it’s a reminder we all need regularly, that we need to watch what we say about other people. This in particular I think paints a very good picture as to why we should be careful what we say:

“Solomon said that speaking badly of others could have disastrous effects. It betrays confidence (Prov. 11:13), separates close friends (16:28; 17:9), shames and saddles you with a bad reputation (25:9-10), and perpetually fuels the embers of a quarrel (26:20-22). People rarely can undo the damage their untrue words have done to a neighbor.”

See the whole devotion here: Zero Tolerance courtesy of (Our Daily Bread).

Have a great weekend everyone, and I pray we can all be instrumental in building each other up with our words!

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