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Sharpshooter Mandy McClellan Gray is a self-sufficient widow who wants nothing more than to live on her mountain and raise her children–alone. But how long can she hold off outlaws determined to steal her gold? Tom Linscott has his hands full with breeding horses and raising cattle. Yet when he hears outlaws have Mandy trapped, he’s danged if he’s gonna leave her to fend for herself. But how can you rescue a woman who refuses to be saved? Who will win this battle of wills–Mandy, Tom, or the outlaws who want nothing better than to silence them both?


I was so excited to pick this book up! I just wanted to know what happened between Mandy McClellan Gray and Tom Lindscott. Again this novel was fast paced, action packed and filled with romance. I was very happy to see Mandy finally get the guy she should have always had. I guess I was a little disappointed because Tom got Mandy by the end of the second chapter. By saying this I’m not giving away the ending or storyline, as there is still so much more Tom and Mandy have to go through by the time the book ends. I was disappointed because I think I had a different idea in mind as to what Mary Connealy would come up with to bring these two together.

However, I still enjoyed this book for pure, lovely escapism. This series has started me on the rest of Mary’s books: Lassoed in Texas Series and Montana Marriages Series. I’m looking forward to reading more from Mary.