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Ride into the Rockies where love peaks between a tough Texas tomboy and a passionate artist. On her way to Montana, Sally McClellan’s party is attacked and robbed. But then artist Logan McKenzie saves the badly wounded cowgirl who has been left for dead. Can this landscape painter tame the tomboy without breaking her spirit? Sally doesn’t know much about ribbons and lace, but Logan’s presence makes her want to connect with her feminine side. Will this fractured female discover a way to capture the artist’s love-or find herself captured and killed by outlaws?


This is the second book in the Sophie’s Daughters Trilogy. I have to say this story was my least favourite. I couldn’t seem to connect with either Sally or Logan all that much. I much preferred Beth’s gung ho mixed with healer personality to Sally’s tomboy with a secret delight for ribbons and lace. This book was action packed and full of romance but for some reason I couldn’t see Logan and Sally as a legitimate couple. Even though they knew each other longer than Beth and Alex did from the previous book, I still wanted to fight the notion that they would end up together.


What has kept me glued to the story however is the one Mary Connealy weaves into the first two books and that is of Mandy McClellan – the eldest of Sophie’s daughters. I am absolutely compelled by her plight – having to suffer an idiot of a husband with not a single shred of common sense, living far from her family and often left alone for long periods of time. Not that Mandy is defenceless by any means with her trusty rifle at her side at all times. I have really enjoyed watching her struggle to respect her husband and her constant prayers for God to save her husband from her temper.


I was so excited to learn that the third book is all Mandy’s! I’m almost giddy with excitement to run to my local bookstore and pick up the book and devour it. I’m exercising self-control so I’m going to see if I can wait until Friday to get it. We’ll see how that goes…