We don’t have anything deep, meaningful or profound to share with you today.  My kids and I have taken a trip to visit Jess, so we’re theoretically having a ‘holiday’.

On Saturday night, after finally getting all the kids down and asleep, Jess and I managed to escape the house on our own and hit the town! Well, we hit a cafe anyway.  But for us mums, we may as well have been out partying until the early hours.  As it was, it was nearly 10pm when we sat at the cafe by the harbour and had our drinks (strong stuff too, I might add).

Jess enjoying her hot chocolate

Me being slightly more adventurous, a cappuccino … decaf, of course

See, it’s nearly 10pm!!

Shared gelato for dessert
We didn’t want the fun to end too quickly, so we also enjoyed a nice stroll along the harbour before we got home at about 11pm.  We are such party animals! 

Never mind that Jess’ daughter proceeded to cry half the night, and today both my girls have got temperatures.  Our little outing was just want we needed to relax and rejuvenate.  Praise God for these little pleasures 🙂