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Armageddon by Tim Lahaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

The scattered Tribulation Force is drawn toward the Middle East, as are all the armies of the world, when human history culminates in the battle of the ages. During the last year of the Great Tribulation, safe houses are no longer safe and the world has become a powder keg of danger. Except for those already in Petra, everyone has been forced to relocate as the Antichrist ratchets up the pressure in the world’s most treacherous game. As the Trib Force waits for the coming of Christ, Chloe Williams is drawn out of the safe house to investigate something suspicious. Buck and Tsion travel to Jerusalem while Nicolae Carpathia orders an attack on the city, and Rayford becomes seriously injured outside Petra. Who will survive Armageddon?

I think the title of this book is a tad misleading, as it only covers the beginning of the battle of Armageddon.  The book spends most of its time getting ready for it.  I guess the authors are trying to create suspense, but I feel like things are a little dragged out.
That said, I did enjoy this book better than the previous installment, “The Remnant”, but I was still skipping large blocks of “sermon” text.  This is where the spiritual leaders are again explaining the biblical prophesies and urging the undecided to trust in Christ. I know it’s important but … we’ve heard it before in the previous books.  And let’s face it – this is the nitty gritty end of the series, and we just want the action to happen.
The most significant event in the book is the capture of one of the Tribulation Force founding members.  The heat picks up at the end with everyone’s lives in peril during the battle of Armageddon.  Who will survive to see the Glorious Appearing?? Not sure yet … but, the end is near.  Bring it on!


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