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The Remnant by Tim Lahaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

Nicolae Carpathia has his enemies right where he wants them: massed at Petra, a million strong. The Trib Force’s aliases and even their safe houses have been compromised, forcing Rayford, Buck, and all the members to flee for their lives while trying to maintain their overt opposition to the Antichrist. All pretense is gone, even on the part of the Antichrist, as the planet hurtles toward the ultimate showdown between good and evil.


I wanted to skip alot of this book, and indeed I was trying.  I didn’t expect a situation of intrigue that stopped me dead in my speed-reading tracks and force me to pay attention to what was happening.  And thank goodness it did, because otherwise I might have skipped the entire book.  Ultimately I am just itching for the end of the series!

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