My Mum has a saying and it goes: “Write your plans in pencil and give God the eraser”. It is really hard for me to surrender that eraser to God let me tell you! 
As 2012 opens I again plan to write my plans (resolutions) in pencil and then hand that eraser over to God. Praying that I can do that completely. So what are my resolutions you ask?
Greg-Qualls---Prayer--6-Tips-for-Talking-to-God To talk to God more – I often find that I struggle doing a set aside quiet time with God, so for a few months last year I have been just talking to God when something pops into my brain (someone to pray for, a praise point, stuff happening in my day etc)I decided to keep up the practice and just try and train my thoughts to “letting God know” what’s on my mind.
To be more “present” in  my time with my husband and my daughter. Often I find myself talking to my husband or playing with my daughter while using my IPhone or reading a book. I’m only half there, half listening to what he’s saying, or nodding encouragingly at my daughter then returning straight away to the phone or the book. 
I decided that this needed to change, so my goal is to put the phone or book down intentionally and NOT pick it up until Eleyna has moved onto playtime by herself (which is usually about 20mins at a time of “Mum and me” time). Just so you know that this 20mins mum and me time occurs several times during the day.
Some days this is all it is for me! So my writing goal for 2012 is to  work diligently on my story! I need to set out the plans and scaffold it and then start writing it. I love the story that is in my head, but I’m not too good at being diligent! So I just have to keep plugging away at it and keep looking towards that finished novel. Got any tips on how to push past the “starting an assignment” mode? (You know, when you can’t start an assignment, but once you do, you get right into it?) I can’t seem to get past that initial wall! Any tips would be most welcome. 🙂
Heath-_-fitness-products Finally for 2012 I want to get back into health and fitness. When  I say that, I’m not starting from scratch. I’ve been very grateful, for the past 2.5 years to have a good friend who is a personal trainer. She started affordable small group training sessions and I’ve been attending as regularly as possible 1 –2 sessions a week. It’s hard when babysitters have to cancel, or my daughter gets sick or I’m just too tired to attend sometimes. However being part of this group has taught me about exercise and I can do a 45min session on my own in the park and know I’ve worked out. Trouble is I don’t always do that session on my own. I rely too heavily on a single training session. Don’t get me wrong, it does me good, but I need to work out a bit more frequently.
In the 6 week lead up to Christmas I simply stopped caring about what I ate and didn’t attend training as we were trying to save money with buying a new house! So with no training and lots of Christmas functions to attend, I ate my little heart out. Boy did I pay the price! So 2012 sees me eating smaller portions, cutting down on the junk food and working out a bit more.
That’s me for 2012. What about you guys out there?