Hi Folks!

You might remember we ran a survey last November for Aussies about their use of ebook readers.  With all the Christmas hoo-ha I had completely forgotten I haven’t published the results … until someone reminded me yesterday (thanks Jenny!).

This was a very basic survey, aimed at getting a feel for how people in Australia are starting to use ebook readers.  I’m guessing they were a lot of people out there who received ebook readers for Christmas, so if we repeated the survey today the results would probably be different.

Would love any feedback on the results.  We would also consider running another survey if authors/publishers have more specific questions they’d like to ask.  Let us know what you’d like to know from the readers out there!

So, without further ado, here are the results…

All Survey Responders (41 Responses)

State of Respondents 

State No. Responses %
ACT 1 2%
NSW 19 46%
NT 0 0%
SA 4 10%
VIC 9 22%
WA 3 7%
QLD 4 10%
TAS 1 2%

Do you own an ebook reader?

No. Responses %
Yes, I own a Kindle 5 12%
Yes, a device other than a Kindle 12 29%
I do not own an ebook reader 24 59%

Non Ebook Reader Owner Only (24 responses)

Would you consider having an Ebook reading device, such as a kindle?

No. Responses %
Yes I want one, but I can’t afford one right now 7 17%
Yes I want one, I just haven’t gotten around to getting one yet 1 2%
I’m considering getting one 9 22%
Haven’t really thought about it 2 5%
No. I’m a die hard print copy fan. 5 12%

Ebook Reader Owners Only (17 responses)

How often do you buy ebooks?

No. Responses %
Weekly 2 5%
Monthly 4 10%
Less Frequently 11 27%

Do you still purchase print versions of ebooks?

No. Responses %
No, hardly ever 0 0%
Yes, sometimes 10 24%
Yes, just as regularly as I did before having an ebook reader 7 17%