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The one thing this book emphasises is that if you wait until your daughter is a teenager before teaching her about modesty and sex, you’re too late.  This book outlines why the “tween” years – ages 8 to 12, is when you really should be having those tough talks (in appropriate ways).

Gresh has spoken with countless mothers and teens and seen first hand how materialism and sexualisation is destroying the lives of our girls.  As a mum of two girls myself, I was quite scared by the stories Gresh shares.  But I think burying our heads in the sand and pretending things don’t go on, isn’t going to make them go away.  And it isn’t going to equip us with the tools we need to help prepare our girls for the tumultuous teen years.
There are no fool proofed methods and no guarantees for getting your daughter through her teen years without sexual promiscuity, eating disorders and depression.  However, Gresh outlines six ways in which we can radically reduce the chances of these heartbreaking scenarios.  Gresh uses sound Biblical principles as the basis for all her methods.  She has also correlated findings from non-Christian resources to backup her conclusions regarding the dangers facing girls today.
My daughters are still very young, but I can see now the value of instilling virtues and faith from the beginning.  I plan on re-reading this book several times in the coming years, particularly in readiness for their tween and teen years.
If you have daughters aged 6-12 years of age, I can’t recommend this book enough.  If your daughters are already teenagers, you can still find a lot of valuable advice.  It’s easy to read and offers practical suggestions on how to really connect with your daughter and how to manage the challenges the world throws their way.
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