The day my husband and I have been anticipating for the last 8 weeks finally arrived – we moved into our new house! It’s been 10 days since we moved in and our house is pretty much together. Last night was the first night that I got to unpack my books! I haven’t seen them in about 3 months.

Pulling them out of the boxes and lining them up alphabetically along my bookshelf was like a little slice of heaven. It felt like I was catching up with old friends as I pulled out the books. Many exclamations of “Aha! There it is!” or “Oh, I haven’t seen you in ages!” were spouted in the two hours it took me to alphabetize just my fiction books.

I’ve decided that in honour of the return of my library I found a couple of pictures that reflect the kind of library that I want to eventually have in our new home.

As you can see I like white and uncluttered!
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