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Mr Darcy’s Diary by Amanda Grange
Sourcebooks Landmark April 2007

 Monday 9th September
“I left London today and met Bingley at Netherfield Park. I had forgotten what good company he is; always ready to be pleased and always cheerful. After my difficult summer, it is good to be with him again. …”

The only place Darcy could share his innermost feelings was in the private pages of his diary…

Torn between his sense of duty to his family name and his growing passion for Elizabeth Bennet, all he can do is struggle not to fall in love. 

I was told that this book was a diverting, amusing, pleasurable read. I was a little dubious as I has forayed a little into sequels and retelling’s of Pride and Prejudice. Some of them were so woefully told that I never bothered to get past the first chapter. This book surprised me quiet nicely.
I really enjoyed reading about the events of Pride and Prejudice. I had always longed for Austen to give us more from Darcy’s point of view. This book satisfied that longing. It took me a chapter or two to get into it, but once that was over I was racing through the book, eager to see how it ends (truly funny as I know exactly how it ends).
Grange does a very good job of bringing us into Darcy’s inner thoughts. I enjoyed the way she showed us his relationship with his sister Georgiana, his friendship with Bingley. I was so amused by Mrs Philips and Mrs Bennet’s behaviour towards him once he and Lizzie were acknowledged in their engagement.
I found it hard to believe though that a man would record all these events in such detail, right down to entire conversations. However, I know that it was needed for the book and I simply enjoyed proceedings too much to let it really affect my feelings on this book.
A lovely read!