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Within My Heart by Tamera Alexander
Timber Ridge Reflections, Book 3
Bethany House, 01 September 2010
Determined to fulfill her late husband’s dream, Rachel Boyd struggles to keep her ranch afloat with the help of her two young sons. But some days it feels as though her every effort is sabotaged. When faced with a loss she cannot afford, she’s forced to trust Rand Brookston, the one man in Timber Ridge she wishes to avoid. And with good reason. He’s a physician, just like her father, which tells her everything she needs to know about him. Or so she thinks . . .

Dr. Rand Brookston ventured west with the dream of bringing modern medicine to the wilds of the Colorado Rockies, but the townspeople have been slow to trust him. Just as slow in coming is Rand’s dream to build the town a proper clinic. When a patient’s life is threatened, Rand makes a choice—one that sends ripples through the town of Timber Ridge. And through Rachel Boyd’s stubborn heart.

Blurb from www.tameraalexander.com

I read a lot of books throughout the year..some might say too many. I also read very quickly. I’m a book junkie and I know it. Flipping through my list of books I’ve read in the last year or so, I can only name one or two books in which I shed a tear or two. Shedding a tear or two over a book is one thing, but crying like a baby is another.


That’s exactly what happened to me in the last eight chapters or so of Within My Heart. Odd as from the blurb, I honestly thought I’d enjoy this book less than Tamera Alexander’s first two in the Timber Ridge Reflections series. Mainly because Rachel Boyd was the main character. I didn’t much like her in the first two books and was worried that I’d continue struggling to like her here. I was wrong. Very wrong. Although she has great reason for the walls she puts up, we see a change in her for the better, with much of that change due to Timber Ridge’s Dr. Rand Brookston.


I was deeply moved by this book. The characters – all of them – just jumped off the page and landed right in my heart. Their they’ll stay for quite sometime.


The honesty and depth that Tamera writes is stunningly accurate. It is clear she knows the road her characters are walking. Having walked part of a similar road as one or two of the characters have, I knew also what they experienced was real and heartbreaking, but beautifully heartbreaking. Hence all the crying.


I don’t want to say much more because Within My Heart says enough on its own. I leave you with the quote from the book that left me in tears. Don’t worry it doesn’t tell anything more that you wouldn’t find out in the early chapters.


“…it didn’t matter whether death came suddenly, without warning, or whether it came slowly, giving you time to memorize the sound of its footsteps and the hollow cadence of its march. Whichever way death came, and however much she believed that the grave held no lasting victory, the same terrible rending tore deep down inside, severing what was from what would never be again. At least not here on this earth.”