With the Book Review Sisters’ 1st birthday celebrations starting this week, I thought I’d take the time to reflect on how Jess and I got started.
I’ll tell you straight out – where we’ve come in this first year, is definitely not what we had originally planned!
Last April I had a 3 month old, and a fiesty 2 year old, and suddenly thought I needed more things to do … well … perhaps I was just wanting something else to do! Jess and I were talking about the BBC Big Read Top 100 List, and how few titles we’d actually read.  I guess I was feeling a little uncultured, particularly since I’ve always professed to be a reader.  Laiden with guilt, I suggested to Jess we attempt to cover all 100 books on the list between us.  And why don’t we blog about it?
So we set up Book Review Sisters with the view of reading the BBC Top 100 list, which comprises mainly of classics, and reviewing them.
We didn’t get very far.  In fact, neither of us finished reading the very first book we chose to read.
The lure of other books we actually wanted to read was too great.  So we kept reading, and the blog continued despite the detour from our original goal.
It didn’t take us long to settle in to what we now believe was our true calling for our blog: reading, reviewing and helping to spread the word on Christian fiction.
In this first year of our blog, we’ve focused mainly on our book reviews, Monday Morning Musings,  and a monthly feature author with an interview and book giveaway.  We’re adding a new regular segment next month after our birthday celebrations – but you’ll have to wait to find out what it is 😉
So whilst we’ve ended up far away from our original idea, it’s definitely been for the best.   During this last year we’ve had so much fun reading and writing for the blog.  We’ve enjoyed meeting fantastic readers and authors from around the world.  And for me, I think most importantly I’ve been encouraged to forge ahead in my own writing pursuits.  I might even be inclined to share more about it our second year 🙂  
Do you want to hear more about our writing pursuits? Is there anything you want more of, or less of? Or do you have suggestions for something new you’d like to see? We’re open to your feedback – we’d love to hear your ideas!
Thanks for coming along our journey so far, and we hope you’ll stick around for the next year ahead 🙂
(PS … if you were thinking of getting us a birthday gift, we’d love your vote in the Best Australian Blogs 2012 awards if you haven’t already done so!)