I was thinking the other day about who my favourite classic heroines were and I decided to figure out who my contemporary heroines are. This was a lot harder than I first thought as my initial responses were for female characters from the classic era…Jo March, Anne Shirley and Anne Elliot. So I had to really think through my top three females characters what have stayed with me long after I finished the last page.

The first thing I had to decide on was what defines Contemporary Heroines. The one criteria for me was that the book needed to be set in current time – ten years or less. So I gave it some good thought and the following three ladies jumped out at me.
Emma Rae Travis from Always the Baker, Never the Bride by Sandra D. Bricker. I loved Emma Rae right from the start! I laughed so hard throughout this book. Emma’s heart, warmth and awesome baking abilities make her the perfect modern day heroine!

Maggie Montgomery from Just Between You and Me by Jenny B. Jones. Maggie is a very recent edition to this list. This woman just oozes spunk and she’s so witty! She’s daring, blunt, quick witted and plain hilarious. She’s not afraid to jump headlong into most situations (except going home terrifies her and possibly falling for the town vet is just as scary) and she loves to win the battle of words and wills!
Josie Mitchell from Sweet Water Gap by Denise Hunter. Josie is the first contemporary heroine that I came across during my early introduction to Christian Fiction. Josie is running from a past that won’t stop chasing her. She moves from city to city trying to escape the memories in the little town she grew up in. I love Josie because to me she is a well drawn, in depth character. She might seem a little selfish at times – and she’s more than a little evasive – but she’s got her reasons. When she lets her guard down we see a sassy, strong willed woman who’s trying to put the past to right and be freed from what chases her. Plus, she falls for Grady and well…enough said!
Do you have a favourite contemporary heroine? Let us know – we’d love to hear about her!