We hope all the mum’s out there in Australia had a great mother’s day yesterday! To our Northern Hemisphere friends, we hope your mother’s day is wonderful!

So on the topic of Mother’s Day, I thought about who my favourite literary mothers are.  As I scanned my books, an interesting trend became apparent. Many of my books feature mother’s who distance is too far from their child to be of any good to them, they are close but useless or they are dead!

So with that, I searched my mind for my favourite close, useful and alive mothers! Here’s the two that jumped out at me:

Mrs March from Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

Mrs March is a gentle but strong woman. She teaches her four girls the value of giving, honesty and loving each other. She lets the girls make their own decisions but reprimands them when needed. She is patient but firm with them. She is proud of them and wants them to be happy with or without money.

Sophie McClellan from Petticoat Ranch by Mary Connealy

Sophie is one tough woman! The word gentle doesn’t come to mind when one thinks of Sophie. Instead one envisions a gun-totting, sharp-shooting, smart mouthed woman who teaches her three eldest girls to gun-sling, shoot and talk like her is too! Her independence is carried on through to her three oldest girls and the adventures and mishaps keep you amused for ages.

So we hope everyone has a happy mother’s day, today and any other time of the year!