I’ve just finished another Christian historical fiction novel – my favourite genre. As soon as I put it down, I thought, “Right.  I’m done with that for a while.  I need something else.”
Do you ever find yourself doing the same thing – tiring yourself out on a particular genre, even your favourite kind?  Or do you generally mix things up so you don’t come up against this problem?
So right now I’m deciding what to pick up next.  The other genres I am known to read are YA, a little Christian contemporary (chick-lit or romance) and self-help books.  Should I try something different? Aside from the Left Behind Series, I’ve never really been into speculative.  Should I read some secular novels for a change? They used to be the only thing I read, but in the last year since I discovered Christian fiction, I’d be lucky to have read two.  As for self-help … I always have one of those going along side whatever fiction I’m reading anyway.  And it’s easy to get “information overload” when I read too many of those in a short space of time!
For sure, the next book I pick up is going to be contemporary.  Looking at my to-read pile, that narrows it down to romance, romance and … oh look, there is a secular YA in the pile – romance, of course.  Here’s the list I’m choosing from:

Save the Date by Jenny B. Jones

After reading “There You’ll Find Me” – I decided I just have to read more from Jenny.  This one is a 2012 Rita finalist in the Inspirational Romance category.

Flawless by Lara Chapman

This is my secular pick, which I selected from the list of 2012 RITA Young Adult Romance finalists.

Back to Resolution by Rose Dee

This one is by an Aussie Christian author, and I’ve heard lots of good things about it.

Hmmm … what to do? What do you guys think?

Plus I’m interested to know – how do you pick your next book to read?