Homegrown Dandelions by Judith Bronte
Review by Lucy Morgan-Jones

Plot Summary

Love can thrive in the most ordinary places….

After a tragic day years ago, Beth Carter was left to pick up the pieces and move on with her life. But she hasn’t. She’s shut herself to the world, and has vowed never to love again.


Matt Taylor is looking for work, but nothing more. His life is complicated enough with three burdens and a difficult past that won’t go away. When Matt arrives at Beth’s Garden Nursery to ask for a job, he meets its beautiful owner, and over time, finds something he hadn’t expected. Surrounded by plants with fancy names, all Matt has to offer is a scarred heart—that, and homegrown dandelions.


Hi! This is the first time I’ve ever reviewed a book, so forgive me if I don’t do a very good job of it. 🙂


I read a lot of books (over 130 last year) and not many make it to my ‘keep’ shelf. This one did. I read Homegrown Dandelion’s at least twice a year because I love it that much. As with all of Judith Bronte’s stories she deals with some hard issues along with delivering a sweet, honest romance.


Matt Taylor is one of my all time favourite hero’s. He works hard looking after his three siblings. He is polite to women and he tries really, really hard to do the right thing. But it’s the honesty in his struggles and the sacrifices he makes to keep his family together that I really liked. You see, Matt is a recovering drug addict (clean now, as is the story…) his struggles against the flesh are real, his coping mechanisms are tested time and again and his sacrifices are hard won. Oh, and did I mention he wears a cute cowboy hat?


Beth Carter lost her little boy and her husband a few years back and is lonely, tired and doing it tough. Not money-wise, as she runs a nursery where Matt gets a job, but she is unsatisfied with life. She challenges Matt’s decision to stay single and self sufficient, and when the humdinger of a plot twist happens, she proposes marriage.


This book has GREAT characters with real flaws and real triumphs. It has plenty of plot twists and it is very romantic. Not the hearts, flowers and well-timed words type of romance, but in actions, in constantly putting the good of the other person first, and in being honest-especially when it hurts.


And… it’s free! All 705 pages and 246,333 words of it. Sorry to surprise you like that, it is longer than most stories… 🙂 Personally, I like a great book that will last more than a few hours, and this one lasts me usually two or three days. Bliss!


I highly recommend ‘Homegrown Dandelions’ for a great read, I’m sure you will fall in love with Matt, just as I did.


This is the website of the author, this free book along with a few others are available on the left sidebar. I highly recommend ‘Abigail’s Journey’ as well. Judith Bronte aka Sarah Fall writes a new chapter and posts it every month to her site. She hasn’t broken her personal deadline in over ten years. Impressive! She is on facebook as well and responds to comments/questions.

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