As I mentioned last week I had signed up for my first fun run and I said I’d let you know how it went.

Well I’m sore and tired but very happy with myself! I had one main goal for the run which was to try and run the whole 10.5km without walking – which I did and my other main goal was to run the 10.5km in 1:15mins. I did it in 1:12mins! So regardless of where I placed with the 3000 other people running I still feel like a champion!
Above: Mel, Me and Tynan after the run!
Overall it was a fun morning and getting to run it with two of my close friends (see picture) was amazing! The weather was good, not too sunny but no rain and the wind was a little cool but not unbearable. My daughter loved the atmosphere and it was awesome to see my husband’s smiling face at the finish line!
I started running to help me lose weight. I never intended to get particularly serious about it. God has blessed me with something I now love and has showed me how hard work and discipline really can achieve results. God really does surprise me sometimes! 🙂

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