Well my hubby’s been away for 11 nights now and for the first 7 nights I was happy as Larry just doing my own thing. After my daughter goes to bed, I’d watch movies till late, or read. I read 4 books in 7 days! I’ve been having a blast doing stuff I’ve wanted to do for ages.

Then I reached the end of the week and I was literally like: “Okay, I’ve had my holiday, I want my husband back!” Still got 3 weeks to go 🙁

I soaked up action movies (I’ve never seen The Fugitive until I rented it over the week) and read romantic suspense books – what do you do to relax?

Jess’ favourite genre is contemporary women’s fiction and contemporary romance fiction. She also enjoys historical fiction with a focus on romance. She loves books set in country towns or farms with a cowboy featured in either historical or contemporary settings.

She is currently writing her first novel, a contemporary women’s fiction/romance set in a small country town.