Greetings dear readers and fellow writers!
As you know, I’ve just finished my editing course and was flat out exhausted by the end of it.  November I had planned as a recovery month.
So naturally, I signed up for NaNoWriMo.
Am I crazy? Yes! No one has ever disputed that fact.
We’re just at the end of Day 8 now, and I have to tell you, I’m enjoying it.  And I’m finding the whole process highly motivating and strangely energising.  Please don’t tell me that means I’m not doing it right!
If you remember, after my plot epiphany I realised my WIP – which sat at 50 000 words – needed so much work I was contemplating a re-write.  And the whole idea had frozen me into inaction.
After lots of plotting and planning during my course travels, I knew and accepted that a rewrite was required. And that’s what I’m doing this NaNoWriMo – re-writing my WIP – and re-writing it in first person, instead of third. A big change for me!
I am not deluded enough to think I can reach 50K words.  I know I have a lot on my plate.  But I’m surprised so far how much writing I am getting in, and if I had a handful of massive writing days, the 50K mark is not so unrealistic afterall.
My goal remains the same however: 500-1000 words per day. Anything more is a bonus.  Ultimately, if I can get this first draft done before Christmas, I’d consider that a massive achievement.  Next year, I’m hoping to be busier with editing – for other people, as well as myself.
Happy NaNoWriMo-ing!

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