I was thinking today about my trip to the shopping center. I was getting lunch  for myself and my daughter and I had a moment – an “I don’t care what I eat moment” and it stopped me. Not enough though to make me rethink my menu choice. I’m in trouble when I have an “I don’t care” moment with regards to food. It might seem like nothing to some, but to me, those moments are few and far between now (Praise God) and alarm bells should ring when I have those moments. As soon as I stop caring about what I eat, all the hard work I’ve done since May 2012 goes out the window.

Thank goodness I have a loving God that gently reminds me of why I have to be conscious (not over conscious or anal retentive) about what I eat and the quantities I consume. God is gently calling me back into the boundaries I need to stay healthy and close to him.

How has God gently spoken to you lately?

Jess’ favourite genre is contemporary women’s fiction and contemporary romance fiction. She also enjoys historical fiction with a focus on romance. She loves books set in country towns or farms with a cowboy featured in either historical or contemporary settings.

She is currently writing her first novel, a contemporary women’s fiction/romance set in a small country town.