Hi Folks!

You’d be forgiven for thinking I’d disappeared and Book Review Sisters had become Book Review Sister.  Thankfully, Jess has been amazing and diligent in holding up this blog whilst I’ve been MIA.
I’ve simply been snowed under parenting.  I thought that as the kids get older, it would get easier.  It’s not the case – or at least, not yet.  I’m finding that the kids at ages 4 and 2 are more demanding of my time than they were at 3 and 1.  Right now, I have a “Formidable Four” year old, and a “Terrible Two” year old.  
I have also taken on Sunday School teaching and leading a teens bible study group.  I’m humbled that the Lord wants to use me in this way, but it’s also scary because I don’t have much experience with these age groups.  Please pray for me, and the kids.
Anyway, something on my plate had to give, and right now, it has been reading and blogging.  I have not read a book since early February – the shock and horror of it all! But I’ve found the reapplication of my time at present to be rewarding.  The kids are appreciating the extra mummy-attention, and behaving better because of it.  I’m less stressed, and less frustrated because I’m not always trying to do ‘something else’.  It’s a win-win for my family.
I have a couple of reviews up my sleeve from books I read in January, and I’ll be putting those up over the next few weeks.  I can’t promise I’ll be around a lot, but I will poke my head in from time to time.  
I hope everyone is safe, happy and well wherever you are in this beautiful world, and that you’re able to do the reading I can’t do right now.  Has anyone read any gems lately? Would love to hear what you’re up to and what you’re reading.  And if anyone wants to write a book review for our blog, don’t be shy 🙂

Helen’s favourite genre is historical fiction with a strong romantic element.  She also enjoys contemporary romance, chick-lit and YA.  She’s not caught up in the spell of fantasy fiction, despite The Faraway Tree series being a strong influence in her childhood.
Helen is currently working on her first book, a Christian young adult novel set between two opposite but equally fascinating places in Australia.