In his popular first two books Angels in the ER (over 200,000 copies sold) and Angels On Call, Dr. Robert Lesslie inspired readers with moving accounts of remarkable people and incidents from his 25 years as an ER doctor. Now in Angels and Heroes, Dr. Lesslie shares amazing experiences of the courageous men and women who exhibit the grace and strength of angels in the face of danger every day.

In this uplifting book, readers will be inspired by the human connections and the divine moments in:

  • breathtaking stories from the front lines of the police
  • extraordinary adventures of our firemen
  • poignant tales from the men and women of EMS
  • And more unforgettable heart and soul rescues from the ER

These fascinating true experiences will encourage readers to appreciate those who serve others–and to watch for those moments when they too can rescue someone with God’s love.

I first picked up Angels on Call about 18months ago and have since made it a habit to purchase Robert D. Lesslie’s books when I see them at my local bookstore. The other two books I have read (Angels in the ER and Angels on Call) focus on the goings on of the ER Dept at Rock Hill, South Carolina. This time around Robert Lesslie brings to life the stories of the men and women who are more often than not, responsible for getting the patients to the ER Dept – firemen, police and paramedics/ambulance.

Inside these pages are stories that will touch your heart, make you laugh and make you cry a little. After reading this book, I am so grateful for the people who go out there day after day and help their fellow citizens. It’s not always life threatening, but when it is, I’m glad these people not only are willing to put their lives on the line, but are trained in dangerous situations.

So, have a read if you like true stories that are served up in small doses but leave a big impact.