So I’m in the middle of writing a book review. I didn’t like the book. Usually, we at the BRS don’t review books that we don’t like. Sometimes though, there is an exception. Maybe, the book had some good points but still wasn’t a great read overall. The question is, do you publish a review that has more critique in it than praise?

I wrote a review a while ago that sat in the draft section for a year, before we decided to not publish it. Why? Well I was more than a little disappointed with the book. I think I had drifted into a complaining rant, rather than a constructive critique of the novel. For this reason, the review was not published. It felt good for me though to have written the review. I got my feelings down on paper and after a while, the urge to publish it dimmed.

There are some out there that would tell me to publish my thoughts. Others might say, temper it a bit. Still others would say, an author doesn’t need to hear you ranting about how much you hated their book. For me, this book I’m currently reviewing, will not be published. I had high expectations of it and was bitterly disappointed with the product as a whole. As a result, I doubt I will ever read this particular author again. I also doubt that I could constructively critique this book without drifting into ranting territory.

What do you guys think? Publish a bad review or let it go and move on?

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She is currently writing her first novel, a contemporary women’s fiction/romance set in a small country town.