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So I started watching The Sound of Music with Eleyna the other day, hopinig to find a movie that she wasn’t scared of. My lovely girl doesn’t like Disney and Disney/Pixar movies (she’s 3) and so I put on the Julie Andrews classic. She loves it so far, but they don’t sing enough for her liking! 

While watching it, I started thinking about my own favorite musicals. Both my parents grew up in the era of musicals, such as Oklahoma, State Fair, Brigadoon, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Calamity Jane…you get the idea. As a result, I also enjoy musicals.

So what is my favourite musical/s? Well I’ve got two really.

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Calamity Jane

I’m a big fan of Doris Day. Some people love Audrey Hepburn (yes, I like her and have seen many of her movies which are good) but I really love Doris Day. That sunny smile, great singing voice, that girl-next-door image etc. I saw this movie quite possibly before I was 10 years old and it captured my attention. Why? It’s a little corny, amusing for the most part, but its got genuine heart behind it. I can’t help but smile when I watch this movie.

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Singing In the Rain

I didn’t see this movie till I was in my early 20s but I loved it. I thought it was clever and very, very funny! There was something magical about this movie and it swept me up in its charm. I made sure I bought it on DVD a few months ago. I have watched it a few times since purchasing it and always enjoy it.

What about you guys out there? Do you like musicals? do you have a favourite? I’d love to hear about it!

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