A Matter of Trust by Lis Wiehl with April Henry
Thomas Nelson
It all starts with a phone call from the dead.

  Mia Quinn is on the phone with Colleen, her best friend and coworker, when the unthinkable happens: she hears the sound of a gunshot. And Colleen’s death is an eerie echo of the murder of another Seattle prosecutor who was also gunned down at home four years earlier.

Mia’s life has already been turned upside down by the recent death of her husband. Now a single parent to a teenager and a toddler, she is struggling to hold on to their house. Meanwhile, her son has turned moody and secretive, and her daughter is suffering from mysterious nightmares.

When the DA asks her to head up the investigation into Colleen’s death and its connections to the earlier murder, Mia agrees—if he’ll also let her investigate the suicide of a teenager who may have been bullied to death. Partnered with irascible homicide detective Charlie Carlson, Mia finds that many people could have wanted Colleen dead, including people in Mia’s life she thought she could trust.

As Mia races to figure out who gunned down Colleen in cold blood, she uncovers more secrets than she bargained for. Has she been wrong to trust those closest to her?
Will she put the pieces together before it’s too late? A Matter of Trust is a riveting tale of love, loyalty—and murder.

This is my second Lis Wiehl book and whilst I liked it, I didn’t love it. Quite simply it didn’t grab my heart or attention. I struggled to get into the book and although the mystery was solved (it was a decent mystery actually), this book is clearly headed for second book featuring this character as some personal plot points were left unanswered obviously waiting for a second book. Whilst it was okay, I doubt I would pick up another book in this series.