Well, the much anticipated USA trip has been and gone! Eleyna and I loved our time in America visiting friends and getting to meet a very special lady named Carrie!

I’ll start with the basics. We left Australia on the 17th March, took a 13.5 hour flight to San Francisco and then took another 4.5 hour flight to Washington D.C.  to arrive at 10pm on Monday the 17th March! I was so proud of my little girl – she’s only 3 and she coped so well with all that travel ! We arrived to 8 inches of snow on the ground along with light snow falling! These two Aussie girls have never seen snow so this was very special for us.

Having my friend Michaele and her brother meet us at the airport was heavenly!

Museum of Natural History

 Some first week highlights:

  • Seeing, touching and playing in the snow! What a fantastic experience! Eleyna loved building her flat snow castle!
  • Going to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History – Eleyna loved the dinosaur bones!
  • The grocery store – I know who would have thought? The range of choice Americans have is so much more than here in Australia. I was overwhelmed with the choice at the deli that I couldn’t physically make a decision. As the holiday continued, I found myself saying to my friend: Is this a 50 million decision thing? She would say yes and would ask her to make the decisions for me. 
  • The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus – the kids were mesmerized! So loud but lots of fun! 
  • Going to a Cherry Blossom Festival event for the kids. 
  • Going into a Pharmacy (called chemists here in Oz) and seeing an aisle called Hardware – that is unheard of in Australia! 
  • Reading some of my favourite authors on American soil and getting the references – finally! 

Catching up with my friend Michaele was a great joy for me. Seeing our two little girls playing together was so much fun. How different they were as 20month old of age when they last saw each other to two vibrant and imaginative 3.5 year old little girls!

I haven’t forgotten about Carrie…I’ll save that for my next post. Stayed tuned for Yorktown, The White House, George Washington’s home and my love affair with American junk food and lemonade.

Cherry Blossom Festival Event…i have no idea what the balloon figure is supposed to be!

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