So begins Part II of our American adventure!

Lincoln Memorial:

Mr Lincoln

Lots of stuff happened in our second week in the USA. We visited the Lincoln Memorial and although it looks warm it was actually 0C – we were so cold. It was so cool to see the Reflection Pool and my first thought was Forest Gump and Jenny running into the pool calling Forest’s name! We ran around there for a bit, then did some quick shopping in the afternoon.

Mount Vernon:
One of the most special days for us was when we visited Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. It snowed and we got to walk around this beautiful property in gently falling snow. It made everything look so pretty and magical. After two hours we were all tired and freezing, so we trooped home to make cupcakes and Josh and Michaele made a fire for us in the fireplace and we had smores – which are yummy by the way!!

Standing in the snow outside George Washington’s home.

The White House:

Outside the White House

Our much awaited White House tour started at 8am…so we had to hustle early in the morning to make it into DC and find a park before 8am. Well that didn’t actually happen.

One of my fondest and funniest memories is Michaele pulling the car over; Eleyna and I jumping out and being told to run straight ahead, the White House is there, whilst she finds a park. So Eleyna and I are hustling towards the White House, we find it and I have no idea where the visitor center is. So after asking a few people, we bolted in the right direction, found Josh (Michaele’s husband) and waited only a min or two until Michaele appeared, together we missed our 8am appointment but jumped in the queue. One hour of queuing in 0C temperatures, we finally made it inside the famed house.

So 45mins of touring the White House with a 3.5 year old  resulted in me basically chasing her around, telling her to stop swinging on the ropes that were keeping visitors out of certain rooms. It was fun though and I’m really glad we both got to. I loved seeing the rooms you get to see on TV or the movies and the history of the building is so amazing. What an experience for my girl and her mummy!


Carrie and I

So Friday the 28th March Michaele and I travelled with the three littlies to Williamsburg, a 2.5 hour drive from Alexandria. We made it in time for dinner at Chick-Fil-A (very yummy) and headed to our hotel. It was raining lightly when we got there. We were scheduled on Saturday to spend the day with Carrie Fancett Pagels at Yorktown where she lives. What a day it was. Yorktown was another highlight for me.

We met Carrie who was dressed in PINK – so we couldn’t miss her! And with her knee roller, accompanied by more light rain she showed us around the Victory Center. She’s such a fountain of knowledge, telling us all this information relating to the area and the center itself. What fun it was to learn from her. I loved seeing the replica Revolutionary village, especially the houses. Since I read a lot of historical fiction, seeing the inside of a typical house of that era made many of historical books I’ve read come to life.

Inside typical house of the era

Carrie then guided us into Yorktown town center and I fell in love with it. The pictures below don’t really show just how pretty it is, but it just captured my imagination. We then went to lunch at this gorgeous restaurant by the York River and the food was amazing! I loved the clam chowder (I’ve always wanted to try it) and just sitting and talking with Carrie was such a delight. The three little girls behaved themselves so well. If I can return one day, I would love to do Yorktown again in more depth and really explore the place and do it in warmer weather!

Yorktown town center
Yorktown town center

Thanks again Carrie for giving us such a fun and special day!

I have decided to do a Part III devoted to food and the last few days in USA.

Stayed tuned!

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