Hello dear reader and author friends!

(By the way, the above photo was taken last year, long before social distancing mandates. Just in case you were concerned!)

The Aussie sisters are baaackk…..! For a little while, at any rate!

Believe it or not, we have been working on a redesigned website for a couple of months now. And this had nothing to do with pandemics, viruses or self-isolation. We put years of effort into BRS, and we’ve been keeping it online even though we haven’t posted since 2015. We know that book reviews are still relevant and continue to be useful for both readers and authors.

We also didn’t want to completely cut ourselves off from all the friends we’ve made during the 4 years we ran BRS.

So, we’d been working on a redesign so that we could make a better and more modern presentation of our book reviews and articles. It’s a big job. We’ve relocated from Blogger to a hosted WordPress site. Thankfully, that is my (Helen’s) expertise 🙂 We had to ensure all the links still worked, and the addresses for all posts remained the same.

We have expedited the release of our new design site in light of the unbelievable changes in our current world. We know many of you are at home isolated and maybe looking for new books to read – or “old books” that you may not have read before.

That said, please bear in mind that we still have some tidying up to do around here. Some images are going to look funny, and some may be missing. But we are continuing to work on those.

We do plan on releasing some new book reviews – so stay tuned for those!

For now, we hope you and your families are keeping safely at home, and healthy and happy during this strange, difficult and uncertain time.