Helen Wakefield

Web Strategist. Fiction Editor. Analyst of everything.

Helen is the eldest of the Book Review Sisters (because yes, that still matters!). 

In terms of books, I have one true love – Christian romance fiction. Yes, I know that romance fiction tends to get a bad rap. It’s generally not viewed as sophisticated or intellectual. And of course, any woman interested in reading romance must be sappy and weak.

Well, if that’s what you think – so be it! I’ll keep reading what I enjoy. I read Christian romances primarily because it aligns with my world view point. And there are some awesome Christian fiction writers out there who have really dedicated themselves to excelling in their craft.

And that brings me to the next thing about me. I’m all about excellence. I always strive for the best in everything I do. It’s not about ego, but about doing things well and making the most of the gifts God has given me. And it’s about giving my best to those I work for and with.

This also means I strive for my clients’ best – whether they be my editing clients, or my website clients. I see the best they and their work can be, and I’m passionate about helping them get there.

Helen Wakefield Editing

It was through the Book Review Sisters that I came into editing. After reading and reviewing so many books, I found my analytical side kept kicking into gear.  

Impressence Web Studios

I love the web, and have been building websites since I was 17 years old. Through my digital agency I help businesses have a professional online presence that works towards their business goals.