Jessica Wakefield

Author in Progress

There’s just something about a good story that captivates our hearts and minds.

My name is Jessica Wakefield and I write contemporary romance. Like most authors, I’ve done my fair share of reading, and while I love so much of what I’ve read, I couldn’t find the stories I really wanted to read. So, I had to write them.

I grew up in rural Australia, but my life is in the city now. Although I’m often longing for the wide-open spaces and quiet, starry nights only small towns and rural landscapes can bring, my novels take place in both cities and small towns – places that capture my heart.

My books are contemporary romance with a little bit more real life than you’ll find elsewhere. For me, it’s all about the journey. How do two people fall in love when the whole world seems to conspire against them?

That’s the journey I want to explore in my books. That’s the magic I want to find and that’s the magic I want to share.

If that’s your thing, I’d invite you to come along on my publishing journey. I can promise you hope and love and as many happy endings as we can find. I hope you’ll sign up using the form below.

I’m off on an adventure and I’d love it if you came along…because love is worth the journey.