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Monday Morning Musings: My 2012 Resolutions

My Mum has a saying and it goes: “Write your plans in pencil and give God the eraser”. It is really hard for me to surrender that eraser to God let me tell you! As 2012 opens I again plan to write my plans (resolutions) in pencil and then hand that eraser over to...

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2011 In Review

It's New Year's Eve folks! "Where has the time gone?" I hear you say.2011 has been a big year for the Book Review Sisters.  We started this blog in April, not sure what we were really doing with it.  Initially we were aiming to be more cultured by attempting...

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Merry Christmas From Us

Jess and I want to wish all our friends and readers a joyous Christmas, as we take the time to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour.  May you all have safe travels and happy times with friends and family.We will be taking a break, so we'll see you again in...

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