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Spring time in the Aussie Backyard

We are having a relaxed Friday today.  Our mum's garden is bursting with flowers now, and the roses are coming out.  Mum is quite a green thumb, and some of her roses have won in the local rose competition on several occasions.  She doesn't spend as...

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Site update and a word about book reviews

Firstly, let me apologise if you've been, and/or still are having problems accessing our blog.  I could go into all the details of internet addressing and explain the semantics of propagating url addresses and the pointing of domain names.  But I'm guessing you're...

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Monday Morning Musings: Jess’ Heroes

Women across the world love a hero – a man capable of making a girl go weak in the knees, sigh dreamily and grin like an idiot. These heroes come in all different types, as each girl is different. What is my idea of a hero? I’ll give you some examples. Mr. Darcy from...

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